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How to rent a flat when you are doing erasmus in Poland ?

Posted by Mathilde on January 2, 2015
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Erasmus in Poland: How to rent a flat?

Here we go, we know the feeling, you are so excited to start your new experience as an Erasmus in Poland. Perhaps some doubts are coming to your mind:
How to rent a flat when you are an Erasmus student – is it easy?
What is the main barriers?
How does the contract looks like? What is the best solution?
– Well, in this post, you are going to learn all the necessaries information if you are looking to rent a flat in Poland for your Erasmus Exchange.
As an Erasmus coming to Poland, you have few alternatives to find an accommodation.

In the list below, we have listed the most popular one:

Rent a room in academic place (dormitory) – The Cheapest option

All Polish universities provide such options: for instance, if you are going to do your Erasmus in Warsaw, one tip is to contact directly the International Relations Offices of Warsaw. Accommodation prices is around 600pln per month in a shared bedroom.  Bear in mind that the number of room is limited. First to arrive, first to be served. One more thing: you won’t choose your roommate – the university staff will choose for you.

Find a flat with your new friends from Erasmus

Well, let’s say that you are going to do your Erasmus in Krakow, you will rent a room in a dormitory but for x reason you would like to rent a bedroom in a shared flat. It is totally possible to do the transition. You can meet new friends and decide to rent a flat all together and share the cost. Or you can find directly a bedroom to rent.  For one bedroom to rent in a shared flat, prices start from 500 PLN to 1000 PLN. For example, you can find a bedroom to rent in Krakow for 600-800 PLN with all bills. Regarding flat, the price depends on the city (Warsaw is the most expensive one), the location and the standard. Prices for a two bedroom flat start around 2200 PLN.  You can find some flat to rent in Warsaw at different prices: from 1500 PLN to 8000 PLN.

Key points:

Not all owners want to rent to Erasmus people for different reason: They don’t speak English, they are afraid that you are going to do too much parties in the flat and break some furniture or even leave the flat without saying anything. At rentflatPOLAND, it will be easier for you to find a flat because owners do speak in English and they don’t mind to rent their property to foreigners.
Concerning the rental contract, one or two month caution is needed. In the contract, the time of renting should be written, and if all bills are included or not. It is really important to ask the owner if the price is with the bills in order to avoid extra cost.
If you find a flat via a real estate agency, you usually need to pay a fee – one month rent is a common basis in Poland.

Find a flat alone – rent a studio

If you can afford to rent a studio alone, you can find many offers. For example, one bedroom flat in Wroclaw costs from 1200 PLN. It is difficult to find anything at a cheaper price – you may find, but it will be probably far away from the city center and in bad condition. We don’t  recommend to live alone during your Erasmus Stay in Poland because you are going to miss so much human experience. Yes it is true that if you are looking to build strong relationships with new people, it is always better to live with them that’s why we suggest you either to live in a dormitory or in a shared flat.

Make your experience the most memorable ever

The idea is to make your experience the most memorable ever. Last thing: when you are doing your Erasmus, you will want to travel a lot and visit many cities like Poznan, Gdansk, Sopot, Zakopane..etc and also other countries like Czech Republic, Slovakia, Estonia..etc. so it is always a good solution to cut your cost of living and use instead your money to travel.

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