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When you are looking for a flat, you don’t want to waste your time checking the address to find out exactly where it is located. That’s why we came up with the idea of map management. You can take a look at each property and choose the nearest one to your work place or university for the best price. Just try it out – You will LOVE it for sure.

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Warsaw flat
Poznan Flat
WROCLAW Flat to rent
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GDANSK Flat to rent
Warsaw flat

Flat for Rent in Warsaw

Warsaw is where economic development meets history. Are you planning to move to Poland or simply looking for better opportunities in a European capital city?                                                     Start by finding your home through our ads.

Fla to rent wroclaw

Flat for Rent in Wroclaw

Wroclaw — you’ll adore living in the oasis of Polish culture, serenity, and youth. What a better place to live than on the quiet Oder River, while being just a few steps away from the main European economic capital of Berlin.
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Krakow flat to rent

Flat for Rent in Krakow

You’ll love jumping with two feet into the prestigious and historical city of Krakow while benefiting from its brilliant future to build your life.
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Gdansk flat to rent

Flat for rent in Gdansk

If you want to feel the serenity of the sea while you walk into the old historical town of Gdansk, why not also simply plan to establish your life in one of the most attractive cities in Europe?
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Poznan flat to rent

Flat for Rent in Poznan

Poznan would be a pleasant city to end up in. The city has earned an international reputation with a major cultural and economic centre.
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Lodz flat to rent

Flat for Rent in Lodz

Lodz—start your career in Poland’s second largest city and take advantage of the capital’s economic momentum, which is a step away. You will enjoy living in the heart of Poland and developing your projects as fast as the city is growing.
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Flat for rent in Szczecin

Flat for Rent in Szczecin

Szczecin — 7th biggest city in Poland. First biggest polish city near the German border, Szczecin has indeed an amazing atmosphere with an extraordinary history.                                                   Start by finding your home through our ads.

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